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Can I ferment Fresh Pecks Pellets? How about Fresh Pecks Crumble?Updated 5 months ago

Yes! In fact, we encourage fermenting with our Fresh Pecks Pellets. We recommend sticking with the pellets + whole grains rather than the crumbles. Fermenting with crumbles is possible but can get messy for your ladies while eating so we don't recommend it.

With grubs, vegetables, and whole grains, Fresh Pecks Pellets is perfect for fermenting. The beneficial probiotics and bacteria in fermented feed boost gut health and improve the immune system. When fermented, the nutrients in chicken feed become more readily digestible making it all the more beneficial for our feathered friends. Plus, your feed will last much longer! 

There are many benefits to fermenting Fresh Pecks, including increasing the feed’s protein levels, probiotics, and more. Learn how to ferment your Fresh Pecks

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