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I already use Grubblies. How do I use Omega Mix?Updated 5 months ago

Flock owners can use them differently or similarly; it just depends on your goals and feeding habits. You can use Omega Mix as a supplement to aid in omega-enriched eggs. You can also simply embrace the nutrient-dense variety in the mix and use it as a healthy snack. Whether you’re on a mission to bolster the nutrient value in your eggs or simply mix up your snack game, your chickens will be thrilled either way.    

If you’re hoping to naturally aid in increasing omega content in eggs, we’d recommend following the feeding guide and mixing into feed.  

If you’re using it as a snack, we recommend alternating snack times with Grubblies. They’re a nice treat for hand feeding, scattering on the ground for free-ranging, or a little something special to get them back to the coop, just as you probably use Grubblies! 

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