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Why would I need supplements if I’m using a premium feed like Fresh Pecks?Updated 5 months ago

Your flock’s diet is built around their daily nutritional requirements. No matter how high the quality of feed, a supplement is for stressors and circumstances—internal or external—when your flock would benefit from a boost: outside toxins & pollutants, extreme changes in temp, new flock mate, bird flu, transportation, coccidiosis, etc.  

Depending on the nutrition and trace minerals/quality of the provided feed, you may or may not need to supplement more frequently. We recommend prioritizing a healthy diet first, and then supplementing at least once a week. A supplement should not be a replacement for a quality diet.  
 Our goal at Grubbly Farms is to create a holistic approach to nutrition for overall wellness so your ladies can thrive, while minimizing illness and visits to the veterinarian. 

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