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What are Grubbly Rewards? How do I earn points?Updated 3 months ago

Grubbly Rewards are simple to redeem, free, and save your hard-earned cash! 

Every dollar you spend earns points that can be redeemed for discounts on future orders. It’s our way of saying “Thanks! We appreciate you! Here's some free money.” 💚

How do I join the Grubbly Rewards program?

Joining is easy! 
Step 1: Make a purchase and you’re automatically racking up rewards. 
Boom, done. (That’s right, you’re one of us now, welcome! 👋) 

You can earn BONUS points too - no purchase necessary! We’ve got all kinds of surprises; learn more on our
rewards page.

How do I earn Grubbly Rewards?

You earn Grubbly Rewards by being an awesome customer. And since all Grubbly customers are awesome, you’re in! 

That’s right! If you’ve placed an order with us, you’re already racking up the rewards! You can also earn bonus rewards for additional actions, like giving us a follow on social media, writing a review, or entering your birthday. 

To see how you can earn points, check out our rewards page.  

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