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Where can I find promos for my Grubbly Farms order? Do you have sales?Updated 3 months ago

Most Grubbly Farms promotions are emailed, but we also offer text-exclusive deals for our SMS subscribers! We offer a variety of sales and specials that aren't always posted on the website, so keep an eye on that inbox! 👀

Where can I sign up to receive promotion emails from Grubbly Farms? Do you have any specials or promotions for new customers?

Enter your email at the bottom of the webpage (you may receive an invite that pops up too! You can also opt-in at checkout.  

If you're a new customer, welcome! New customers are eligible to receive a discount on their first order with us. Receive your new customer discount code by providing your email and number in the pop-up invitation on our website.

Where can I sign up to receive SMS exclusive promotions from Grubbly Farms? 

Yay! We're thrilled you're interested in joining our SMS club! You can sign up for SMS by tapping on the 'join' tab located on the left side of the website. 

Congrats! You're now signed up to receive promos by text, including exclusive SMS promotions! 

💡 Promotional sales are featured on the banner on our website- don't forget to take a peep before you check out with your basket! 

Grubbly farms homepage the promotion bar is located at the top of the screen it is green with a yellow highlight to indicate featured promotions can be found hereFeatured Grubbly Farms promotions can be found in the green bar located above the navigation menu

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