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How long can I store Grubblies?

Grubblies last 18+ months in storage when kept cool and dry. For optimal longevity, store your Grubblies inside and out of humid environments. Contact Grubbly Customer Care.

What is the serving size for Grubblies?

Serve up to ¼ cup of Grubblies per adult bird as a daily snack. When molting, supplement your feed with a double serving of protein-packed Grubblies. For chicks, give 1-2 pinches daily - just like they would get in nature. Serve with chick grit and a

What are the ingredients?

The only ingredient in Grubblies is Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae  (Hermetia Illucens). Not for human consumption. Those allergic to shellfish may be sensitive to Grubblies. Store in a dry, cool place for optimal freshness. GUARANTEED ANALYSIS. Crud

What are black soldier fly grubs?

The black soldier fly (or Hermetia illucens) is a beneficial insect that is native to the U.S. This harmless, gentle fly is also a fantastic source of nutrients for our fluffy friends when in its grub form!. Its other superpower is its ability to tra

How are your grubs grown?

All of our Grubblies are sustainably raised under EU standards, the highest standards for growing insects in the world. As our grubs grow, they consume a diet of recycled fruits, veggies, and grains that would otherwise go to waste. Every harvest of

Where are your grubs grown?

Our black soldier fly grubs are sustainably harvested and oven-dried on grub farms in the USA, Canada, South Africa, and Vietnam. All of our grubs are sustainably raised in adherence to EU standards for quality. Contact Grubbly Customer Care.

Do Grubblies count as a chicken protein and calcium supplement?

Many flock owners feed their feathered friends Grubblies as a tasty, fun, healthy way to supplement their girls’ calcium and protein. In fact, grubs have a 34% protein level. They’re also rich in calcium with 50x more calcium than mealworms. This com

Are Grubblies Non-GMO / Certified Organic?

Grubblies are all-natural, free of GMOs!. Currently, there are no black soldier fly grub farms that grow certified organic grubs. Grubblies are grown on fruits, veggies, and grains from farms, restaurants, and grocery stores that would normally go to

Can ducks, geese, turkeys, wild birds, and other feathered friends eat Grubblies?

Yes! Grubblies are a fantastic snack for all types of birds and many other animals. Mixed flock owners often comment on how much all of their feathered friends love Grubblies. Contact Grubbly Customer Care.

How do grubs compare to traditional sources of protein in pet foods?

Loaded with benefits and light on the earth, our black soldier fly grubs are positively brimming with goodness. Nutrient-rich grubs are naturally hypoallergenic for sensitive digestion and have more protein than prime rib steak to keep our pets stron

How do black soldier fly grubs compare to mealworms?

Grubs put the “super” in superfoods! Grubs are a powerhouse of nutrition when compared to mealworms. They have 50x more calcium than their counterparts, and they work hard to reduce pre-consumer food waste. Additionally, mealworms grown for chickens