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I can't log into my account. Help!Updated 3 months ago

Accessing and logging into your Grubbly Farms account

We understand how frustrating it trying to access your account and nothing seems to be working! If the resources that follow don’t do the trick with getting you into your account please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist. 

There are two ways you can log into your account- your method will depend on when your first order was placed on the website.

It's possible to have an active subscription without a password or login method set. If resetting your password does not work, try setting it on the 'Set up your account' page. If you continue to have trouble - please reach out to us. 

1. Classic Account

👉 Log in with an email and password 

Screen shot of login pageClassic Account Login

Set a password for your Classic account  

👉 Set a password

2. Shop Passwordless Login 

You will log in with a code texted to your phone or sent to your email - this prompt is automatic on the account page 

If you are not receiving a prompt from Shop to access your account, set your password here using the same email that was used to make your purchase 

Can’t remember the email address that was used? Not seeing a subscription or order history when you log in? Our team is happy to help you! 

Contact Grubbly Customer Care

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