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Your Grubbly Account & Subscription

Welcome to Grubbly! Get started with your account here! 👋

We believe in being good to each other, our fluffy friends, and the planet. Thanks for joining our growing community! We’re dedicated to providing the best experience for you and your flock through unmatched nutrition that puts their health and long-

What are the perks of having a subscription with Grubbly?

Opting for a subscription for your flocks' order will save you time and money. Better yet, it’s free to sign up! No commitments or contracts -  you have full control over your shipments and when you receive them. With your subscription, you automatic

I can't log into my account. Help!

We understand how frustrating it trying to access your account and nothing seems to be working! If the resources that follow don’t do the trick with getting you into your account please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist. There are two ways you

I can't view and redeem my rewards, the page is blank! How do I fix this?

Occasionally browsers, extensions, a full cache, and outdated software can affect the functionality of the website. Leading to glitches that limit your ability to fully utilize your account and redeem rewards. Rewards page shown with functionality er

How do I cancel my Grubbly Farms subscription?

We hate to see you go!. Before canceling, we hope you’ll let us know if there is anything we can do for you by reaching out to our customer care team. You will receive a pop-up notification that your subscription has been successfully canceled. 💡Dou

How do I redeem and add rewards discounts to my subscription?

Rewards page not showing up properly? You might be using a browser or browser extension like Brave or Duckduckgo. If you are having an issue with your browser that you aren’t sure how to resolve, a care team member is happy to help. Browsers that sup

How do I update the payment method and shipping address for my subscription?

B. Scroll down and tap 'Address and payment details', on the next page tap 'Manage Addresses', edit your details or add a new shipping address here. * If your subscription was started with a 3rd party processor, like Paypal or Shop Pay, you may be un