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I've been purchasing my flocks Grubbly items from Amazon/Chewy. Why would I buy from your site?Updated 3 months ago

We would love to have you as a Grubbly peep! While sometimes Amazon has unbelievably fast shipping, there are so many perks to shopping for your fluffy ones directly from us! We do ask that you allow 5-8 business days for your order to arrive, but it is often much faster than that depending on where you live.   

We offer a flocktastic Rewards Program where money spent can be turned into discounts on future orders, including discounts on subscriptions! Don’t forget when you sign up for a subscription you save 10% on all your flock's favorites.   

We also have a refer-a-friend discount as well as regular promotions we send to our Grubbly flock in text and/or emails. If you are interested, you can sign up for emails here scroll to the bottom of the page!  

No matter where you decide to get your flock’s Grubbly goodness from, you always have access to The Flyer. Whether you are a spring chick or an old hen when it comes to taking care of your flock, The Flyer is an incredible source of information for all things flock-related!  


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