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Welcome to Grubbly! Get started with your account here! 👋Updated 3 months ago


Welcome! We're egg-static you're here! 🐣

We believe in being good to each other, our fluffy friends, and the planet. Thanks for joining our growing community! We’re dedicated to providing the best experience for you and your flock through unmatched nutrition that puts their health and long-term wellness first—and is sustainable to boot!  

Perks of your Grubbly account 💚

  • View your order history  

  • Redeem your Grubbly Rewards Points and apply them to your shipments 

  • Manage your subscriptions 

  • Manage your shipping address 

Good to know 💡

  • Order history and rewards are connected to the email address used to place the order. If you place a new order but aren't logged in to your account, no problem! The order is still connected to your account - as long as the same email was used 
  • If you’ve never ordered from us, you can set up your account here: Set Up My Account 
  • If you have placed an order with us, but didn’t set up a password, you can do that here: Set a Password For My Account 
  • Forgot your password? No problem! You can reset your password here: Reset Password 
  • It's possible to have an active subscription without a password to your account. Finish setting up your account by creating your password here: Set a Password For My Account 

If you don't see your email from us, check your spam or other folders. Sometimes they like to sneak in there! 


Tips for Success ☀️

  • Ask questions! If you need assistance, one of our care team members would be happy to help. You can get in touch here: Contact the Care Team 

  • Use a supported browser that is up to date. Some areas of our website will not render correctly if you're using a browser like Brave or Duckduckgo. Here is a list of supported browsers 

    • Google Chrome 

    • Mozilla Firefox 

    • Opera 

    • Safari 

    • Microsoft Edge 

  • Take advantage of our blog collection. We have a ton of great resources and are always adding more to The Flyer 

  • Get automatic updates texted to your phone. You can sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager. It's free and will text you updates about your FedEx-fulfilled deliveries.  

  • Look for savings per pound - Not only are you saving money on your purchase, but you are also making a kind decision for the environment. You can set your order to ship automatically at the frequency of your choice with our subscription service. 


Welcome to the community! Here's to brighter days!

- The Grubbly Team 

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