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Water Soluble Supplements

Why would I need supplements if I’m using a premium feed like Fresh Pecks?

Your flock’s diet is built around their daily nutritional requirements. No matter how high the quality of feed, a supplement is for stressors and circumstances—internal or external—when your flock would benefit from a boost: outside toxins & pollutan

How often should I use Prebiotics + Probiotics?

Environmental stressors can occur during a seasonal change, extremely high or low temperatures, transporting or handling, introduction to a new flock member, nutritional excess/deficiency, or sickness to name a few. Supplements are not a replacement

Why a water supplement?

When in recovery or fighting an illness we may not see yet, chickens go to water first, and food second. By capitalizing on the water source, you can provide essential nutrients and boost the microbiome so body functions can begin to improve, encoura

Are the ingredients in the water supplements natural?

Abso-flocking-lutely! We use zero fillers and all-natural ingredients.  Even our betaine source ( in Vitamins + Electrolytes) comes from the natural extract from sugar beets and is a natural pathway for water retention, as opposed to a synthetic sour

Can I use Prebiotics + Probiotics and Vitamins + Electrolytes at the same time?

Yes, it is safe to offer the supplements together.  Depending on the individual bird, or flock needs, you may choose to supplement with one or both.     To support overall flock health, especially in times of stress, it’s perfectly acceptable, even i

Is there any harm in using the water supplements too often?

These products are formulated to be safe for daily consumption. However, individual birds' needs vary. We always recommend consulting your veterinarian for full nutritional recommendations. Contact Grubbly Customer Care

How long can the supplements be stored in water?

We always recommend mixing daily in fresh clean water. However, our water-soluble supplements can be pre-mixed and stored for up to 3 to 5 days. Contact Grubbly Customer Care.